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The Central Government has undertaken a new initiative of School adoption programme. The main objective of the programme is to make science teaching effective and interactive .This science centre is mandated to select 5 schools every year under this scheme. Preference will be given to Govt schools which have nominal infrastructures. Education section staffs from the centre will communicate with the science teachers of the selected schools and identify the areas in which they feel difficulty in teaching of science.

We are now undertaking a program in which schools can approach the centre to develop demonstration lectures on various topics of the curriculum and present them at the school. As per current format of the program each school can identify one class for the adoption program and the Education Officers fo the centre, in consultation with the class teachers may appear once or twice a month in the school to demonstrate the subjects of common interest.

We are open to receiving proposals from schools to collaborate in this adoption programme. Interested school authorities may please contact the Senior Education Officer, RSCPC.


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