Mobile Science Exhibition for Aspirational District

(Special exhibition for Wayanad)

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Mounted on a specially designed bus, a Mobile Science Exhibition carries a number of interactive exhibits related to everyday science. The MSE or Museo-bus travels from school to school in rural areas and organize exhibitions there throughout the year. Along with the exhibition, some other programmes like Sky Observation Programme through telescope, science films show, Science Demonstration Lectures etc. are also organised.

The first MSE on the theme ‘Our Familiar Electricity’ was inaugurated at Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ School, Narendrapur, near Kolkata on 17th November 1965. The first MSE Bus was flagged off in 1966 from Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata.

In 2019, a set of 25 new buses with new themes of exhibition was launched. These buses were specially meant for the aspirational districts of the state in which the centre owning it is situated. The new unit attached with RSCP Calicut is on Space Technology for Human Welfare. The unit covers all schools of the only aspirational district in Kerala - Wayanad.

Schools of Wayanad are encouraged to contat us for scheduling program of this unit. You may contact Shri Binoj K, Education officer, RSCP Calicut for this purpose.

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