" Touchdown "


This exhibition is no longer on display. But it is archived for hiring. Any Educational Institutions may hire it for two days, a week or two weeks at a nominal cost of Rs. 30,000; Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 70,000 only. the trasport cost and logistics are under the scope of the hosting orrganisation where as RSCPC takes care of installation and demonstration during the period of display.


There’s a certain closeness and kinship in the distance of the moon. We share a fundamental partnership, like an electron and a hydrogen atom—seemingly intertwined by definition. For what would our world be without the moon in our skies? To wax and wane, to trim the tides, to mark our calendars and inspire our art, to light our nights, in anchoring our place in space.


The moon represents a delicate balance in nature. It is not only a rock, but a metaphor, a simile, and a poem. It was our first daring expedition target beyond our planet, and though we haven’t been back in decades, a select few men setting foot on its surface fundamentally changed how we saw ourselves, both figuratively and literally. It embodied our genetic trait to do it first by outperforming others.


In 1969 we the human race reached The Moon to be first time out to another world physically. In 2019 as a nation our robotic probe is going to revisit Moon surface within a few days. It is a moment to commemorate the history, the audacity and to know the technology that was and that is driving us still to touch down the Moon. This exhibition welcomes you with all the potential to know the Moon and those deeds of human ingenuity to achieve a splendid rendezvous with it.


This Exhibition was on display for 2 months. Following its tenure it travelled several Educational Institutions of Kozhikode.


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