" Mirror Magic Hall "


History of mirrors dates back to ancient times when mankind first noticed reflections in still water. Long before man was able to make glass mirrors, polished metal was used to observe images. Greco-Romans used convex disks of metals like bronze, tin silver etc for various applications. The earliest mirrors were hand mirrors. Mirrors large enough to reflect the image of whole body did not appear until 1st century AD.The chemical process of coating a glass surface with metallic silver was invented by Justice von Liebig in 1835 which resulted in modern techniques of mirror making.


Mirrors make rooms come alive and add magic to a room. They visually expand small areas, and add depth to existing decor. When one mirror can create so much interest in us, imagine the effect of combination of them would provide.


We all are aware that mirrors that are flat. What happens when it is curved? What manifestations does varying the magnitude and direction of curvature of a mirror create? What happens when several mirrors are placed at different angles to each other? The Mirror Magic gallery provides opportunity for exploring all such manifestations and experiencing them. Visitors can walk through a maze created with mirrors as well as dine with several images of their own in this gallery. They can also have fun by looking at their distorted images at Fun mirrors as well as learn the science behind why concave mirrors shorter. In the gallery you can have several experiences like floating in air, vanishing image, tunnel of infinite depth.


Kerala’s legacy of world renowned technology of unique metal mirrors is indeed an evidence of its rich culture and metallurgical traditions.”Aranmula Kannadi” is a standing example of this which is evidenced by its presence at renowned museums worldover.


The Mirror magic gallery is full of interest stimulating experiences through interactive exhibits and also explains scientific principles involved in mirror optics.


Mirror Magic Hall

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