" Hall of Ocean "


Oceans are a world of mystery, magic and beauty. It covers about 70% of the total surface of the earth. There is an endless array of fascinating and incredibly interesting facts about our oceans. But it is hard to realize that we have barely touched on the total data potentially available. After countless hours of research and exploration we have found that we know only a fraction of fish, whales,and shark swimming around our shores ,or the squid and shrimp found in the darkest reaches of our oceans. The Hall of Ocean attempts to provide visitors with a unique and breathtaking introduction to the majesty of the ocean and delve deep into  its tantalizing mysteries.


Visitors entering the 4800 square feet exhibition hall will welcome by the huge blue whale with its graceful body gestures. By the side of the whale, a cylindrical, section of the ocean depth stands erect towering above all the exhibits in the gallery. It comprises a variety of bizarre creatures at different levels of the zone.


200 million years ago ,when dinosaurs roamed the earth, all the islands was connected in one giant supercontinent we have named Panagea surrounded by a single enormous ocean Panthalassa.The exhibit Continental Drift explains how the supercontinent was fragmented and how did the ocean s get where they are today.


Scientists know more about the moon than they know about the ocean floor. However oceanographers who study oceans have recognized many features in the world beneath the waves. Come for a closer watch at the Globe without oceans. Mariana Trench is 11.1 kilometers deep, while Mount Everest is 8.8 kilometers tall. This means that if you placed Mount Everest at the bottom of the Mariana Trench: the peak will still be 2.3 kilometers below the sea level.


The gallery also seeks to explain the rise and fall of the tides, the significance of Estuaries in maintaining ecological balance, phenomenon of El-Nino &La-Nino, Beaufort scale the measure of wind speed, methods of harnessing power from ocean, navigation instruments and so on.


With a surfeit of working models as well as still models ,replicas of sea creatures, marine artefacts,information kiosks, and digital installations the gallery presents a cosy and inviting ambience.


Hall of Ocean

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