Introduction to Computer Programming

In order to inculcate interest among the students in particular and public in general, the Innovation Hub (IH) of Regional Science Centre (RSC) Calicut organised a number of online educational programmes on various topics. One of them was ‘Introduction to Computer Programming’

We are living in an information society where creativity and innovation are the keywords. Digital presence in our life has a paramount influence particularly in the ongoing period of COVID-19 pandemic. All academic programmes are taking recourse to online mode. Creating and developing new online content, mobile apps, application software are the demand of the day.  

Video Link of Sessions:  Day 1       Day 2     Day 3      Day 4        Day 5

Programming is an art, and has to be built upon conceptual understanding. Knowing few command statements of a particular programming language doesn’t equip one with the capability towards developing good computer programmes. It requires reading the methodology, understanding the logic and rigorous practice.

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